Validation of Electrical Test

dhaas is testing TDR2 number 12, QM2

-> AMSWire/CDP Test

Power consumptions

Volt Power (mA) Volt Power [mA]
A +3.3 110.00000 B +3.3 108.00000
A +5.6S 80.00000 B +5.6S 88.00000
A +5.6K 50.00000 B +5.6K 52.00000
A -2.0S 9.00000 B -2.0S 9.00000
A -2.0K 5.00000 B -2.0K 5.00000
A +2.0S 0.00000 B +2.0S 0.00000
A +2.0K 0.00000 B +2.0K 0.00000

Onboard Voltages

Volt nom. Onboard Volt Volt nom. Onboard Volt
A +3.3 B +3.3
A +5.6S B +5.6S
A +5.6K B +5.6K
A -2.0K B -2.0K
A +2.0K B +2.0K
A -2.0S B -2.0S
A +2.0S B +2.0S

SSF Voltages

SSF Cut Value (mA) SSF Cut Value (mA)
A +3.3 B +3.3
A +5.6S B +5.6S
A +5.6K B +5.6K


voltage/ssf tests skipped because of coating

Data files of this test: