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The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment

TDR2 Board Level Test Reports:

Engineering Models EM

Prototype of all upcoming models, tests were still at an electrical level at this time and mainly performed by CAEN engineers.

Qualification Models QM1

The QM1 Models have been used to set up the testprocedure, but only few of them, have been tested with this. Also, the procedure has been adopted further during the production of larger batches for QM2 and FM, so no logfiles will be shown here

Qualification Models QM2 (12 boards)

First of all, a big thanks to the excellent support from CSIST/Academia Sinica, especially to our helping hand and tester Da-Shung Su who passed a long night in front of a noisy thermal chamber, and of course to Miss Lin and lots of others who had to work longer because of us.

Before Conformal Coating

QM2_001_20040225   QM2_002_20040225   QM2_003_20040225
QM2_004_20040225   QM2_005_20040225   QM2_006_20040225
QM2_007_20040225   QM2_008_20040225   QM2_009_20040225
QM2_010_20040225   QM2_011_20040225   QM2_012_20040225

After Conformal Coating/ESS

Remarks: The voltage and SSF tests have not been performed, because the testpoints got coated, so a good contact was not guaranteed, but all boards have shown the correct consumption
The ps-files for the DAC-test will be added, when we are back in Geneva (they are too big to download from here)
Additional Remark: Board 1 is not yet coated, but passed ESS, we kept it like that for testing purposes.

QM2_001_20040302   QM2_002_20040302   QM2_003_20040302
QM2_004_20040302   QM2_005_20040302   QM2_006_20040302
QM2_007_20040302   QM2_008_20040302   QM2_009_20040302
QM2_010_20040302   QM2_011_20040302   QM2_012_20040302

All these boards have passed crate-qualification tests since then (TVT, EMI etc.). Ok for flight model production was given after succesful qualification tests at crate level.

Flight Models FM and Flight Model Spares FS (108 boards)

FM and FS are not distinguished at board level, all boards are equivalent. Some will be declared spares after integration of the boards in the T-crates.
All 108 PCBs have been produced together in one batch. First, a batch of 12 modules (001-012) has been assembled (PCA) and tested, to verify again the integrity of the assembly line and the test procedures:

Before Protection of the Flash ROM

FM_001_20060621   FM_002_20060621   FM_003_20060621
FM_004_20060621   FM_005_20060621   FM_006_20060621
FM_007_20060621   FM_008_20060621   FM_009_20060621
FM_010_20060621   FM_011_20060621   FM_012_20060621
FM_013_20060919   FM_014_20060919   FM_015_20060919
FM_016_20060919   FM_017_20060919   FM_018_20060919
FM_019_20060919   FM_020_20060919   FM_021_20060919
FM_022_20060919   FM_023_20060922   FM_024_20060922
FM_025_20060922   FM_026_20060922   FM_027_20060922
FM_028_20060922   FM_029_20060922   FM_030_20060922
FM_031_20060922   FM_032_20060922   FM_033_20060919
FM_034_20060918   FM_035_20060918   FM_036_20060918
FM_037_20060918   FM_038_20060918   FM_039_20060918
FM_040_20060918   FM_041_20060918   FM_042_20060918
FM_043_20060920   FM_044_20060920   FM_045_20060920
FM_046_20060920   FM_047_20060920   FM_048_20060920
FM_049_20060920   FM_050_20060920   FM_051_20060920
FM_052_20060920   FM_053_20060920   FM_054_20060927
FM_055_20060920   FM_056_20060920   FM_057_20060920
FM_058_20060920   FM_059_20060920   FM_060_20060920
FM_061_20060920   FM_062_20060920   FM_063_20060921
FM_064_20060921   FM_065_20060921   FM_066_20060921
FM_067_20060921   FM_068_20060921   FM_069_20060921
FM_070_20060921   FM_071_20060921   FM_072_20060921
FM_073_20060921   FM_074_20060921   FM_075_20060921
FM_076_20060921   FM_077_20060922   FM_078_20060922
FM_079_20060922   FM_080_20060922   FM_081_20060922
FM_082_20060922   FM_083_20060926   FM_084_20060926
FM_085_20060926   FM_086_20060927   FM_087_20060927
FM_088_20060927   FM_089_20060927   FM_090_20060927
FM_091_20060927   FM_092_20060927   FM_093_20060927
FM_094_20060927   FM_095_20060927   FM_096_20060927
FM_097_20060927   FM_098_20060927   FM_099_20060926
FM_100_20060926   FM_101_20061002   FM_102_20060926
FM_103_20060926   FM_104_20070119   FM_105_20070120
FM_106___broken   FM_107_2007019   FM_108_2007019

After Protection of the Flash ROM, before Conformal Coating/ESS

FM_001_20060622   FM_002_20060622   FM_003_20060622
FM_004_20060622   FM_005_20060622   FM_006_20060622
FM_007_20060622   FM_008_20060622   FM_009_20060622
FM_010_20060622   FM_011_20060622   FM_012_20060622
FM_013_20060925   FM_014_20060925   FM_015_20060925
FM_016_20060925   FM_017_20060925   FM_018_20060925
FM_019_20060925   FM_020_20060925   FM_021_20060925
FM_022_20060925   FM_023_20060926   FM_024_20060926
FM_025_20060926   FM_026_20060926   FM_027_20060926
FM_028_20060926   FM_029_20060926   FM_030_20060926
FM_031_20060926   FM_032_20060926   FM_033_20060925
FM_034_20060925   FM_035_20060925   FM_036_20060925
FM_037_20060925   FM_038_20060925   FM_039_20060925
FM_040_20060925   FM_041_20060925   FM_042_20060925
FM_043_20060928   FM_044_20060928   FM_045_20060928
FM_046_20060928   FM_047_20060928   FM_048_20060929
FM_049_20060929   FM_050_20060929   FM_051_20060929
FM_052_20060929   FM_053_20060929   FM_054_20060929
FM_055_20060929   FM_056_20060929   FM_057_20060929
FM_058_20060929   FM_059_20060929   FM_060_20060929
FM_061_20060929   FM_062_20060929   FM_063_20060929
FM_064_20060929   FM_065_20061002   FM_066_20061002
FM_067_20061002   FM_068_20061002   FM_069_20061002
FM_070_20061002   FM_071_20061002   FM_072_20061002
FM_073_20060928   FM_074_20060928   FM_075_20060928
FM_076_20060928   FM_077_20060928   FM_078_20060928
FM_079_20060928   FM_080_20060928   FM_081_20060928
FM_082_20060928   FM_083_20061002   FM_084_20061002
FM_085_20061002   FM_086_20061002   FM_087_20061002
FM_088_20061002   FM_089_20061002   FM_090_20061002
FM_091_20061002   FM_092_20061002   FM_093_20061003
FM_094_20061003   FM_095_20061003   FM_096_20061003
FM_097_20061003   FM_098_20061004   FM_099_20061004
FM_100_20061004   FM_101_20061004   FM_102_20061004
FM_103_20061004   FM_104_20070120   FM_105_20070122
FM_106___broken   FM_107_2007020   FM_108_20070120

After Conformal Coating/ESS

This is the reference test. Out of 108 boards, 2 remain broken up to now (059 and 106) and will not be used for FM or FS.

FM_001_20060628   FM_002_20060629   FM_003_20060629
FM_004_20060629   FM_005_20060629   FM_006_20060629
FM_007_20060628   FM_008_20060628   FM_009_20060628
FM_010_20060629   FM_011_20060629   FM_012_20060628
FM_013_20070115   FM_014_20070115   FM_015_20070115
FM_016_20070118   FM_017_20070115   FM_018_20070115
FM_019_20070115   FM_020_20070115   FM_021_20070115
FM_022_20070115   FM_023_20070115   FM_024_20070115
FM_025_20070115   FM_026_20070115   FM_027_20070115
FM_028_20070115   FM_029_20070116   FM_030_20070116
FM_031_20070116   FM_032_20070116   FM_033_20070116
FM_034_20070116   FM_035_20070116   FM_036_20070116
FM_037_20070116   FM_038_20070116   FM_039_20070116
FM_040_20070116   FM_041_20070116   FM_042_20070116
FM_043_20070116   FM_044_20070116   FM_045_20070116
FM_046_20070116   FM_047_20070116   FM_048_20070116
FM_049_20070116   FM_050_20070116   FM_051_20070116
FM_052_20070116   FM_053_20070117   FM_054_20070117
FM_055_20070117   FM_056_20070117   FM_057_20070117
FM_058_20070117   FM_059___broken   FM_060_20070117
FM_061_20070117   FM_062_20070117   FM_063_20070117
FM_064_20070117   FM_065_20070117   FM_066_20070117
FM_067_20070117   FM_068_20070117   FM_069_20070117
FM_070_20070117   FM_071_20070117   FM_072_20070117
FM_073_20070117   FM_074_20070117   FM_075_20070117
FM_076_20070117   FM_077_20070117   FM_078_20070118
FM_079_20070118   FM_080_20070118   FM_081_20070118
FM_082_20070118   FM_083_20070118   FM_084_20070118
FM_085_20070118   FM_086_20070118   FM_087_20070118
FM_088_20070118   FM_089_20070118   FM_090_20070118
FM_091_20070118   FM_092_20070118   FM_093_20070118
FM_094_20070119   FM_095_20070119   FM_096_20070119
FM_097_20070119   FM_098_20070119   FM_099_20070119
FM_100_20070119   FM_101_20070119   FM_102_20070119

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