AMS-01 General

AMS-01 logo

Van Allen belt vs LEO

AMS-01 set-up

AMS-01 tracker set-up

AMS-01 magnet vibration test (NIM fig. 1.4)

AMS-01 in shuttle cargo bay simulator

AMS-01 shuttle launch (NIM fig. 1.15)

AMS-01 approach to MIR (NIM fig. 1.16)

AMS-01 tracker planes with Bourquin

AMS-01 tracker plane (NIM fig. 1.7)

AMS-01 tracker structure (NIM fig. 1.7)

AMS-01 magnet and veto counter ass'y (NIM fig. 1.10)

AMS-01 ToF

AMS-01 ToF assembly (NIM fig. 1.12)

GSI beam line for AMS test (NIM fig. 1.18)

Heavy ion dE/dx S vs K

Antiproton candidate

Momentum resolution from CERN beam test

Tracker dE/dx

Trapped particles

Proton flux (example)

Proton flux compared to Caprice and LEAP

Primary proton flux (Choutko)

Primary He flux (Choutko)

Deuteron flux (Choutko)

Electron, positron flux

Heavy antimatter limit (Markus)

Downward and upward proton flux

Example of trapped proton trajectory

Photons (Markus)

Strangelet (Vitali)

Tracker in-flight performance

Tracker alignment in CERN beam

Leakage current temperature correlation

Tracker electronics

Charge collection improvement by reduction of K-side strips