AMS-02 Assembly

Full scale mock-up (NIM fig. 2.213)

AMS-02 assembly view (NIM fig. 2.201)

Mechanical integration (NIM fig. 2.202)

Main USS-02 structure and magnet (NIM fig. 2.204)

ACC installed (NIM fig. 2.205)

Tracker, start tracker and electronics (NIM fig. 2.206)

Upper and lower ToF (NIM fig. 2.207)

TRD with MLI enclosure (NIM fig. 2.208)

Lower USS-02 with RICH and ECAL (NIM fig. 2.209)

Lower and upper USS-02 (NIM fig. 2.210)

Radiators installed (NIM fig. 2.211)

Complete ass'y with ISS and shuttle hardware(NIM fig. 2.211)

Transfer from shuttle to ISS (NIM fig. 2.214)