AMS-02 Electronics

Overview of ISS and STS electronics (NIM fig. 2.156)

Electrical interfaces on ISS (NIM fig. 2.157)

Power distribution system (NIM fig. 2.158)

Practicing EVA cable swap at NBL (NIM fig. 2.159)

Monitoring and command data flow (NIM fig. 2.160)

Science data flow over HRDL (NIM fig. 2.161)

Unified approach to subdetector DAQ (NIM fig. 2.162)

Fast and Level-1 trigger scheme (NIM fig. 2.163)

ACOP location in US Lab (NIM fig. 2.166)

ACOP conceptual design (NIM fig. 2.167)

JMDC crate thermal cycling (NIM fig. 2.169)

EMI test of JMDC crate (NIM fig. 2.170)

JMDC crate in TVT (NIM fig. 2.171)

Irradiation tests at INFN Catania (NIM fig. 2.172)

JMDC test at GSI (NIM fig. 2.173)

Electronics crate and power distribution box (NIM fig. 2.174)

Electronics crate accommodation (NIM fig. 2.175)

AMS-02 processors (NIM fig. 2.176)

Input and output rates (NIM fig. 2.177)

Trigger rates and software parameters (NIM fig. 2.178)

DAQ timing (NIM fig. 2.179)

DSP software flow chart (NIM fig. 2.180)

JMDC software architecture (NIM fig. 2.181)

Software for flight and test (NIM fig. 2.182)

JMDC software test set-up (NIM fig. 2.183)

JPD screen shot (NIM fig. 2.184)

CSIST production facilities (NIM fig. 2.185)