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The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment


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AMS is finally installed on ISS

You can find some high quality pictures of AMS in the Endeavour shuttle previous to the docking to ISS as well as some pictures of AMS being transported from the shuttle to its position on the ISS. These pictures were taken by the astronauts in the International Space Station (Click Here!).

AMS-02 Silicon Ladders Production

Here you can find various pictures of the production of AMS Silicon Ladders

The AMS-02 Experiment

  • AMS-02 General
  • Superconducting Magnet
  • Tracker Components,Production and Integration
  • Integration UniGe
  • Integration
  • Tracker Beam Test GSI 2003
  • Tracker Beam Test CERN 2003
  • Tracker Beam Test CERN 2004
  • Tracker Electronics
  • Tracker Thermal Control System
  • Tracker Venting
  • Tracker Alignment System
  • Star Tracker and GPS
  • AMS-C alias SUNS
  • Transition Radiation Detector
  • Time of Flight and Anti-Coincidence Counters
  • Ring Imaging Cherenkov Counter
  • Electromagnetic Calorimeter
  • Electronics
  • Ground Link and Ground Segment
  • Thermal Control
  • Assembly
  • Synchrotron Radiation Detector

  • AMS-01 Pilot Experiment

  • AMS-01 General
  • Search for Antihelium in Cosmic Rays
  • Protons in Near EarthOrbit
  • Leptons in Near Earth Orbit
  • Cosmic Protons
  • Helium in Near Earth Orbit
  • A Study of Cosmic Ray Secondaries Induced by the MIR Space Station Using AMS-01
  • AMS-01: The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) on the International Space Station: Part I - results from the test flight on the space shuttle

  • Other Astroparticle Experiments

  • Other Astroparticle Experiments

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