AMS-02 Tracker Components, Production and Integration

Geneva group March 2001

Geneva integration crew 2003

Geneva clean room

Clean room equipment

Tracker ground support equipment

Silicon detector structure (PA fig. 3.13-3.16)

Band structure (PA fig. 3.1)

n/p-doped Si (PA fig. 3.2-3.5)

p-n junction (PA fig. 3.7-3.10)

Field and depletion width at p+nn+ junction (PA fig. 3.11, 3.12)

Punch through method (PA fig. 3.17-3.20)

MOSFET and FOXFET (PA fig. 3.12-3.24

AMS daisy chaining (PA fig. 3.25, 4.9)

Noise contributions (PA fig. 3.31-3.33)

AMS-01 and AMS-02 sensors (PA fig. 4.3)

Sensor metalization and structure (NIM fig. 2.58, PA fig. 5.1)

Gate and p-stop (PA fig. 4.4-4.6)

Antireflective sensors (PA fig. 4.7, 4.8)

Ladder exploded view

Front end hybrids (PA fig. 4.13, 4.14)

Hybrid box

K6 Upilex (PA fig. 4.10)

K5, K7 Upilex (PA fig. 4.11,4.12)

VA64hdr_9 (PA fig. 4.16, 4.17)

VA reset, readout and test sequence (PA tab. 4.5)

HCC control sequence (PA fig.4.18)

AMS-01 and AMS-02 biasing method (PA fig. 4.20)

Probe station (PA fig. 6.1-6.3)

Sensor positioning

Sensor alignment precision (NIM fig. 2.60)

Upilex gluing tools (PA fig. 5.4)

Upilex gluing steps (PA fig. 5.5-5.7)

Reinforcement gluing steps (PA fig. 5.8-5.13)

K-hybrid gluing steps (PA fig. 5.14-5.16)

S-hybrid gluing steps (PA fig. 5.17-5.20)

Hybrid spacer and thermal grease (PA fig. 5.21-5.23)

Bonding at CERN

Feet gluing

Feet gluing steps (PA fig. 5.21-5.23)

Spacer gluing and shield wrapping

Hybrid gluing (by hand)

Quarter plane vibration test

Ladders ready for mount (NIM fig. 2.61)

AMS-01 plane with AMS-02 ladder

Thermal bars

Ladder fixation odd layers

Legs on even and odd layers

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

Odd layers longitudinal tolerance

Tracker shell dry assembly

Tracker model