AMS-02 Magnet

AMS-02 magnetic field compared to AMS-01

Superconducting magnet

Superconducting cable production (NIM fig. 2.1)

Superconducting magnet (NIM fig. 2.4)

Magnetic field map (NIM fig. 2.6)

Superconducting cable cross section (NIM fig. 2.7)

Coil test facility (NIM fig. 2.8)

Dipole and racetrack coil ass'y (NIM fig. 2.9)

Magnet support straps (NIM fig. 2.10)

Magnet support strap test (NIM fig. 2.11)

Superconducting magnet (see-thru, NIM fig. 2.13)

Magnet vacuum tank (NIM fig. 2.13)

Magnet vacuum tank machining (NIM fig. 2.13)

Helium tank welding (NIM fig. 2.14)

Passive phase separator test (NIM fig. 2.16)

Passive phase separator (NIM fig. 2.16)

Vapor cooled shield (NIM fig. 2.17)

Cryocooler vibration test (NIM fig. 2.18)

Helium tank and coils (NIM fig. 2.19)

Principle of coil cooling system (NIM fig. 2.20)

Cryomagnet avionics (NIM fig. 2.22)

Coil test facility (NIM fig. 2.23)

Racetrack coil assembly (NIM fig. 2.24)