AMS-02 Ring Imaging Cherenkov Counter

RICH system

Main structural components (NIM fig. 2.114)

Conical reflector (NIM fig. 2.115)

Mandrill measurement and reflector sample (NIM fig. 2.116)

Photo detection system (NIM fig. 2.117)

PMT and light guide (NIM fig. 2.118)

Vibration tests (NIM fig. 2.119)

Front-end electronics (NIM fig. 2.120)

Control and signal processing (NIM fig. 2.121)

DC-DC converter (NIM fig. 2.122)

Prototype beam test (NIM fig. 2.123)

Response to Z=2, 3, 6, 16, 26, ~40 (NIM fig. 2.124)

Ion identification (NIM fig. 2.125)

He velocity resolution (NIM fig. 2.126)

Velocity resolution afo Z (NIM fig. 2.127)