Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on Mar. 21, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


Rolf Siedling and Bart Verlaat arrive this week to Geneva to discuss thermal issues.

Plane mechanics has been modified in order to keep the same hybrid box for everybody.


M. Pauluzzi has requested a couple of hybrids to qualify the assembly at Perugia. t has been decided to give him old hybrids from AMS-01 because teh new hybrids v1.8 have not been tested. The main worries came from the capacitances. This week this capacitances should be definitively tested and approved. The delivery should be done in 8-12 weeks. Optionally half of them should be here at the end of May and the rest before August.

Omnetics and Airborne have not sent their offers about conectors

HCC for the "traditional" hybrid should be sent to production at the end of this week (24th March). Giovanni will supervise the design next thursday at Viareggio.

Still working on new hybrid with the ADCs. P. Bene and JP Richeux have built a test board. It is almost clear that due to place constraints can be placed only five analog chains (2 VA/ADC).

First offer for a nice and needed oscilloscope demanded to HP (~22500 CHF). IT has been suggested also to contact Tektronic.


Gore has had problems with the cable. The blindage has holes so electrical specifications are not fulfilled. Also some problems with mechanics: it was required a diameter of 1.49 mm and it has been achieved only 1.7 mm. It has been delivered a calble 10 cm lenght out of 50 m requested. Next week probably delivered 18 m electrically ok (??) and mechaniclly out of specifications. Next week also Gore should answer if they could build the cable with all specifications and when they could deliver it.

Electrical and Mechanical Prototypes:

Davide has not found anybody that can build the kapton within specifications with the three layers (Cu-Ni-Au).

Bonding test over kapton for the preserie

Two ladders built last year will be finished/equiped with hybrids

Journee Portes Ouvertes a l'Ecole de Physique:

Next 6th May teher will be an Open Doors day. It is foreseen 2 stands for AMS + some "theater" in the clean room.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, Mar, 21, 2000