Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on Mar. 28, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


Fruitful meeting with Bart Verlaat and Rolf Siedlling last week. Bart proposed a new design of the thermal bars. There is still no prototype and it is needed vibration test to study the feasibility. Also it has been revisited the design of external planes (1 and 5). Bart is going to study globally teh thermal issues and its influence over the tracker design. A discussion about this item is foreseen for next week at the Tracker meeting.

Eric presented a transportation box prototype. Please send comments to Florian.


Discussion about GORE cables. They (GORE) have serious problems: thickness out of specification and holes on the blindage of the local ground between the two differential pairs with the output analog signals that will cause important noise problems. It has been discussed the possibility or return to old Ribbon-AX cables. A decission is needed in order to fix connectors, transportation boxes, etc. Next week it will be discussed and decided on the AMS tracker meeting.

For the connectors there are no choice. Among the three possibilities: Omnetics, Canon or Airbone. All of them are almost identic (except colour and price).


The new amplifier "rail-to-rail" AD8052 goes fine. A prototype with this amplifier and ADC BB803S is going to be tested. It is needed qualification.

HCC sent to production last Friday 24th. Delivery foreseen about mid June with the box. Next week AMS will send some mechanical prototype (just the box). Also about 10 naked chips to perform electrical test will be send asap, but not before 8 weeks. In the meantime a complete users manual will be written.

Divic has been testing the HCC signal transmission. If differential signals are transmitted everything is fine, but if there is only a single signal it appears some reflections (due to the fact that on TDR side the grounds are not closed). It seems it will not cause any problem but it will be checked with the detailed HCC specifications.

Electrical and Mechanical Prototypes:

Batches from CSEM Next batches (6 ordered by PG, 6 GVA is considering ordering) delivery between 7.7 and 4.8

Batches from Itc-Irst. One month delay at least because of Csem . Tentatively

Only one enterprise (SICORELL) has answered positively about kapton. They are doing some preliminary studies trying to localize the problems.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, Mar, 28, 2000