Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on Apr. 11, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


Some important decissions taken last week in the Tracker General meeting. One of them was the choice of a VA with "double" gain wrt AMS01. Due to the delay on some components (mainly HCC) there will be no new hybrids on the assembly lines before August. Up to then new VAs will be mounted on ol hybrids.

Scheduled a Geneva electronic meeting for Wendsday 12th at 10.30. There it will be discussed a detailed schedule for the electronic group up to July. Also some decission should be taken regarding the component choice. Everybody is welcome. It will be discussed also the actions to be taken for radiation test. It is clear that total dose test can be done at Perugio for the operational amplifiers. For the ADC there is also the possibility CIEMAT.

3 Guido's board will be commanded to CAEN at the end of this week. All three will have a gate array of 200K gates. Two of them will have an AD2185 DSP and the other a AD2187. Guido will have six prototypes at the end of the month, so Geneva is going to ask for one.


Another important news from the last meeting is about cables. The "new" cable has been abandoned and substituted by the "old" Ribbon-AX cable. Divic is the new responsible of this cable. A new "old" proposal has been presented with 26 pins. Divic has also got a sample from GORE for the cable. Total thickness is 1.2 mm (probably cables are AWG28 instead of AWG30) and shielding is a bit fragile. Geneve (Divic) will interact with GORE for the design, but the mass production will be surveyed by SITE Tech.

As connectors were designed with 26 pins there is no need to resize them. Three companies can provide almost identical connectors, AIRBORNE, OMNETICS and MOLLEX. The final choice will be made on the basis of samples demanded. It has also been decided that the conector fixation on the hybrid will be adopted also on the TDR. Although this fixation solves the problem of the limited number of conections the cable saver will be still present on the transportation box.


Meeting with MICRON last wendsday. It was decided to demand three offers: 1) for a mask, 2) 500 sensors 3) 1000 sensors. Depending on the quality (and price) of them it will be decided soon if MICRON sensors will be included on the final assembly. Philipp and Davide will visit MICRON this week.

News form ladder L12GT031. Philipp showed us some slides were it was clearly visible the effect of the bonding on the strip quality (See this). Also it was showed the correlation between bad strips (high leakage current) and the noise induced by them (See this)


Eric found some differences between his ladder table and the Pauluzzi one.

Meeting this morning about assembly. One of the hot points is still the glue dispenser. Three possible solution:

Proposal for the replacement of a heat pipe at the end of the thermal bars by a conduction layer done with TPG after brainstorming last week. Some drawings are available.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, Apr, 11, 2000