Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on May 02, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


Again a problem with the 2nd batch delivered to Geneva (4th for the collaboration and 5th for id with CSEM). The box was delivered to Richeux's office at CERN and left there one week. Nobody was aware and packet was declared lost. Finally somebody (?) sent it to UniGe. Now is in the coorect way after organize an "internal transport" from Meyrin to Prevessin. It has been stressed that next delivery should arrive to the correct place.

Philipp and Davide show us the test of this "lost" batch. The results are quite good. Leakage current of the sensors @80V are around 300 nA [241-858]nA and the number of dead channels is quite slow almost 0 or 1 except one with 54 dead channels.

Davide also informs about the visit to MICRON. It seems that they can do the job. A new offer from them has been sent. Also they need a "true" sensor to measure it and regard the technology. Anyway they have some informatic problems because they could not open the mask file. In any case, this mask file (provided by CSEM) has been found to be wrong. Correct one has been ased to CSEM.


After some problems VA has been comanded. Due to the fact that some of the payment has to be done in cash, 1000 pcs has been ordered via UniGe. Giovanni will be this week in IDEAS to discuss the integration of VA on the hybrid. In principle there will be done 200+10% hybrids. In case of more it will be comanded later more hybrids (20% more).

TDR work programming Gate Array and DSP has been started. Geneva will provide the cables to program the Altera devices.

Overall architecture of AMS DAQ is more and more clear. Please have a look to this slide

It has been initated the discussion about the engeneering of the TDR board. There are two possibliities, CSIST or CAEN. CAEN is best placed because they known a lot of details (GA+DSP integration, backplane, etc), so contacts are going to be mantained to see if they can do this job (=price).


SITE is pressing to known the cable+conectors characteristics. It is clear that both are designed and decided by us but cables will be bought and mounted by SITE. Divic is looking for Issue #2 with final specifications of AMS01 cable. If anyone has it please send it to him. ALso pinology has been sent to GORE.


Never ending story about glue dispenser machine. Basically are 5 possibilities

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, May, 02, 2000