Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on May 07, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


GORE sent last week an offer for the Ribbon-AX cable with all specs we want. The only point is the spacial qualification. It has been decided to be done this qualification with the conectors assembled. As the delivery delay for the conectors is ~8 weeks offers are going to be demanded. Wrt cable server it has been proposed that the assembly of it should be a "simplified" version of the flight cable.


For the moment there is no company that can succesfully depose Ni. Still searching... P. Levtchenko confirms that Gandi will not do the Upilex mass production. It has been agreed to ask them if they can subcontract the mass production. On the other hand, the blindage will be done by Gandhi, a nes design with the holes for alignement (TAS) is in cours.

Probably an italian company can do all Upilex business (litogr., Ni, golding) M. Pauluzzi is in charge of this.

Report from KSC

Next June there will be the PDR (Preliminary Design Review) meeting. This document will be prepared by Lockheed-Martin. Tracker representative is R. Battiston and E. Perrin is the contact person with LM to exchange technical information.

Vacuum case of the magnet. Frist prototype is going to be built. It has been asked enough quantity of holes and fixations. There is the possibility of using one of the prototypes to construct a "maquette" at CERN (R. Becker in charge) and perform there some preintegration work. before the final integration at Zurich.

Cooling: Magnet people want that inner face of vacuum case is at 250K (-25C). Some modelling shows that tracker influence on the vacuum case is around 15C. To avoid radiation from tracker to magnet there will be a double shielding between tracker and the inner face of the vacuum case.

Bart presented the work done for tracker cooling. It seems that tracker is the only detector that has done a serious work so far. As everybody knows there are three possibilities:

There is also a redundancy in the cooling system (Independent systems for up and down) and also two of such systems on each side. It is needed also to agree on the procedure for the final choice. If everybody is at Perugia next tracker meeting there will be a 1/2 day dedicated to this topic.

Bart has contacted also with a Dutch goverment agency (NRL) that has experience on cooling system and also are interested.


News from Aachen, probably they cannot take care about vibration test. There is no problem to perform them either at EPFL or at Munich.

In case of necessity UniGe will provide mechanic support to IDEAS for the hybrid assembly. As they have the same bonding machine as us UniGe could built any neccesary tool to them.

Ladder reinforcement. Offer received. It will be comanded soon.

Next week is foreseen a meeting to decide what to do with the glue dispenser machine.... more news then...


Last week hybrid assembly was discussed with IDEAS. It will be comanded 210 S+K hybrid pairs. In case of necessity it will be comanded 40 more. All this process will last 6 months, so in this time it can be seen the neccesities to order these 40 pairs or not. It was agreed to rediscuss the project (time and cost) after the first batch of assembled hybrids.

IDEAS has proposed an improved design of the ampli on the hybrid. PB and JPR are studing it.

There is the possibility to do the radiation test for hybrid components here at Geneva at Hopital Cantonal. First contacts will be done this week.

Gate array for Test System are now at Geneva (Altera EP20K100EQPF240-3). In next three weeks a board with one of such devices with 50 input pins and 50 output pins will be ready to perform test and validate VHDL code.

This week it will be finished the design of the analog chain on the TDR. A test board will be constructed to measure consumption and perform test (probably also for the radiation tests).


Small problems with CSEM: Still no response about the bad/old masks discovered two weeks ago. Also first batch has arrived to Perugia to be tested. It has been discovered now that a modification demanded to simplify some tests is not implemented. This descission was taken by CSEM in december, and was not communicated to Emmanuelle. There will not be any sensor at Geneva before the Perugia tests (at least three weeks). This also affects the schedule with MICRON, because no sensor can be sended to them.

For dummies, First batch received from TRENTO, they are acceptable form the mechanical point of view. The 2nd and 3rd batches from TRENTO as well as the batch from CSEM also finished. Next week will be built a mechanical ladder.

Test beam

Our colleagues from Aachen have reserved a SPS beam to test TRD next 21-26 july. It would be a good idea to used this time to test new VAs and new silicium production. GA is going to write a proposal for that.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, May, 07, 2000