Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on May 16, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


New estimation on tracker weight ~153 kg (no major changes). This weight does not includes the cable and te cooliong systems that are in differents weights budgets. For the cooling there is a total budget around 280 kg, but still has not been assigned budgets for subdetectors.

Cooling issues. Bart has contacted with NLR and Carlo Gavazzi also. They are going to hold a meeting next thursday at Amsterdam. Eric has been asked to assist this meeting to "control" what is discussed there. Divic has been asked also to supervise.

Legs: two possible companies, one swiss and the other german, none of them excluded so offers demanded to both. Renforts, the company that is going to manufacture them agreed to build only some spares above the 192 needed. In case of necesity it will be comanded some more.

Eric has sent some documents for the PDR (Plane modifications, tracker description....)


Divic has discovered a small differnece between AMS01 and AMS02 calbe specifications concerning the drain wires (different sizes and electrical properties). He is looking for the implications. A preserie should be demanded.


M. Pauluzzi did not succeed with the italian company to construct the Upilex. In fact there is no candidate able to depose the Ni on the pads.In a couple of weeks there will be a meeting at CERN with CREO. SOme Unige presence has been requiered there. Before that meeting should be arranged one with Gandi.


Due to military duties of the technician, the hybrid vibration test will be done at EPFL after August. There is the possibility to perform it before 19th June, but by this date there will be no hybrid available.

Silicium meeting to revise the results, yield and selection of sensors will be most likely during the Perugia meeting next June. As there is no measurement to crosscheck it is not possible to held it before.

All dummies finally at Geneva. They will be sent to be cutted to Finland next week. It has been explained that some metrology should be provided to the finish to assure a nice cut.


Radiation test (total dose) will be done finally at Geneva.

Erice meeting

Markus report about the Erice meeting. V. Plyaskin and I. Galktionov are the responsibles of the detector and physics parts of the Physics Report. It was commented the results from Boomerang collaboration about universe flatness. (See the Nature paper). Also a nice bump proton spectrum around 50 GeV was presented. The explanation is that this bump correspond to some SN remanence, so it should dissappear with time. From the detector point of view it will be developed two new triggers, one to detect the photons converted at TDR and the other for Z>2, view that particles from nuclear reactions with the detector can reach the anticounters and veto these events (this could explain the oxygen deficit!!!). It has also finally decided to put a "Star Tracker" with an angular resolution ~4 arcseconds. ToF will measure also dE/dx with the dynode in order to enlarge the range. Magnet people informs that 90 km of superconducting cable has been alredy produced. Superbe food, nice nigth talks and friendly ambiance.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, May, 16, 2000