Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on May 23, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


Thanks to Manfred and Philipp, there are 4 full hybrid pairs v1.8. There is the possibility to built a new one. Also 2 pairs has been sent to IDEAS to test the assembly line. So there will be 5 pairs to place them at the preserie. At Perugia they will use an old AMS01 hybrids. Wrt assembly, it is expected the final IDEAS offer in a couple of weeks.

New hybrid: P. Bene reports that the schematic is almost finished (one working day). Photochemics can do the over elevation for kapton (demanded by M. Pauluzzi)

Amplifiers on hybrid. Some test has been done with the JPR approach. It has been tested @2MHz and @5MHz. In this last test the signal (over 40MIPS) has not time to rise completely. A new test with the IDEAS ampli (less input impedance) will be done to test if the problem comes frome the VA of from the ampli.

THis afternoon there will be a meeting with the HUG people about the radiation test. Also there will be a radiation test in Madrid to test the ADC during second half of june.

Cable and conectors:

No news....good news? For conectors, still waiting AIRBORNE offer.


At the end of this week will rebegun at CERN the K5 and K6 modifications. When these modification will be finished there will produced some prototypes. (~50 pieces in big numbers??)

Ni business: Some ladders from SMD and AMS-01 will be tested to check the quality of the bonding with an "automatic" machine at a Neuchatel company (Valtronic).

Test beam

Hard and software list:
beam telescope P. Weilhammer?
Ladder w special bonding D. Vite, Ph. Azzarello
TDR test board G. Ambrosi
Power Supply G. Ambrosi
Trigger Logic D. Rapin
Cables P. Bene?
PCs P. Emonet
DAQ software P. Emonet
Quasi-online monitoring E. Cortina

Besides the people on the list there will be involved the rest of Geneva AMS group (M. Pohl and M. Cristinziani and two students S.Fassel+summer student) and also invited Perugia people. This topic will be discussed at Perugia meeting. The main worry at this momnet is the availability of ladders. It has been proposed to use at least three ladders: 1 from Perugia (new silicium old electronics), 1 from Geneva (new silicium new electrinics) and 1 from AMS01 (old silicium new electronics), where new electronics means hybrid v1.8 and old TDR test board.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, May, 23, 2000