Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on June 06, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


Eric Perrin is managing the dismantling of AMS01 in contact with J. Burger and J. Ullbricht... No more points discussed due to Eric's agenda problem ;-)

Next Wendsday Manfred and Philippe will go to Zurich for the CAM/ALOT.

Cable and Conectors

Airborne has not answered at all. Final decission between Airborne/Omnetics will be taken at Perugia meeting next week.

The cable will be comanded during the summer. For prototypes and test systems P. Levtchenko has ~20 meters of old AMS01 cable to "bricolage".


Divic reports the meeting with CREO. The idea is that they will sell a machine with a pilot client, and AMS will be the pilot client. They have two possible locations one in Germany and the other in Italy. This solution seems a bit unprobable.

Levtchenko reports that there are no news from Markus Hofstetter in Luzern and Sicorel in Laussane.

It is clear that Gandi could supply ~50 kapton pieces that will be enough to begin the production. It has been proposed an effort to convince Gandi for the full production. In this case there will be no Ni but a thicker gold layer.

Modifications on kapton are now in cours. This modifications do not include the Wallraff special kaptons for the TAS. According to the tables there will be 6 different designs for each internal and outer planes + 4 special Wallraff designs.


Hybrid: There are in Geneva 3+3 hybrids v1.8 almost in good shape taht will be used for preproduction. A "baby: ladder with only 2 VA connected has been constructed to test VA with real silicon pulses. It has been fixed the second week of AUgust to perform the hybrid vibration test at EPFL.

System de test, need to be pushed. The status is the following, for the analog part the design is finished but it is needed also some work to add the couplers. First prototypes (without couplers) will be produced this week for the radiation test at Madrid. For the digital side Bertrand Clerck is working hard on it. The design is almost finished and the time scale to produce a card is ~1-2 weeks. It has been decided to use the Guido's board to test the VHDL code and focus Bertrand in the "final" layout of the board. Next step is the integration of both boards. Bertrand is also the best candidate to do this because he knows the pin-out of the ALTERA.

On the other hand a meeting with the CAEN people will be held after the Perugia meeting to talk about the TDR engeneering. This is a first meeting to styudy the feasibility and the conditions to design the TDR flight board.


As soon as everything arrives it will be constructed a mechanical prototype in Geneva. Everything meas basically the dummies (already here), kapton (can be used one from AMS01) and the CAM/ALOT. So probable date for this prototype the week after Perugia meeting.

CSEM dummies arrived with one non-polished side. It was not explicitely written on the command so next time will be written to avoid problems with the "obvious" things.

DV has choosen the vacuum machine to "pack" things in the white room.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, Jun, 6, 2000