Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on July 25, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings

Davide introduce everybody Dan Welty from Boston. He will document ladder construction and will write a web page explaining what are we doing with educational purposes. So if you see him taking pictures just smile... it is not a spy.


Eric told us the progress about plane modifications. He stressed again the need of prototypes for vibration tests. One of the problems pointed out this week has been the metrology on the back plane. Eric propose to use one of the planes as a jig for the others. Transport boxes are now in production.


No news from PL. Davide, on the other hand, talked with Cicorel. It seems that Cicorel has problems with the etching and Gandi with the photoresistance. So a solution could be do the photoresistance at Cicorel (no problem with that) and the etching at Gandi. This could be the solution for the kapton business. In order to have the Ni layer, a gold deposit should be done at Gandi and over there the Ni can be doposited at Cicorel!!!


Giovanni informs that the VAs will be ready by mid october. Also tomorrow there will be a meeting with the IDEAS assembly engeneer here in Geneva. For capacitors everything seems OK. CSEM will give us for 'free' 100 pcs with some defects that hopefuly could be used for prototypes. Finally conectros will be deliver by Airborne. The communication is open again. As this conectors where used in AMS01 fligth there should be no problems.

Eduardo presents his 'studies' about reliability. A copy of the transparencies is here .


Second mechanical prototype (9-ladder long) will be constructed next week. Schedule for the next prototypes will be decided next meeting (8th august), but most likely after this second prototype will begin the construction of the electrical prototype for the test beam next 25th of august.

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, Jul 25, 2000