Minutes of the Geneva AMS group meeting on August 23, 2000

Geneva AMS group meetings


AMS-01 dismantling will begin next week (Tuesday 29 at 8.30AM) From Geneva will be present there Eric+P.Bouvier or Manfred. After that planes will be transfered to unige to dismount the ladders from the planes. In this sense there is a request to dismount a "good" ladder to used it on the september test beam. As soon Divic returns it will be done, in any case not before the friday 1st september.

Still waiting response from italian companies how to solve burocratic problems to send material from Italy to Switzerland.

Contraves send an "exorbitant" offer for plane modifications . In negotiations with them via Prof. Hofer.

Legs offers have been received from some companies. At the end it has been choosen one located at Meyrin. As they never built them some prototypes have been asked.

Last week, during TIM meeting, was held a meeting for thermal issues. From tracker assisted Eric+NLR representative. From tracker point of view everything was fine.


Davide and PL summarize the present situation about kapton. They present some transparencies and a document with relevant inputs.


Test System progress on time. THis week was sent the analog part PCB production at CERN that will be ready in a couple of weeks. THe two digital boards available were "burned" in a test. JPR is trying to resucite them. On the software side everything is progressing. Some problems have been discovered with ALTERA Quartus package. It has been agreed to meet with AMS people working with this software to exchange experience.

For the hybrid GA reports the delays on the missing components:

Meeting with CAEN to finalize the technical specifications request for TDR engineering. The unige request includes the engineering of the board, a plan for testing and the production of prototypes (2 proto-1 and 6 proto-2). An economic offer is waited for next week. The technical specifaction document is available for everybody. Talk with Eduardo to get it.


Last week were built a L12 and a L2. Visual inspections proves that were best placed than the mechanical prototype. Unfortunately the L2 ladder has a "magnific" scratch. Hybrids has been choosen. These hybrids (v1.8) have non standard placement of the holes in the conector. Next week they will be bonded at CERN.

Test beam

Final and confirmed dates 31.08-10.09. Part of the material is now at CERN and Sylvanne is working to have a version of the DAQ software. According to GA calculations around 600 Kevents will be recorded. The transfer of the data include a "pedestrian ftp" = change physically the data disk and transport it to the barrack to later on transfer the data with a real ftp to unige machine. Tomorrow there will be the SPS meeting. Some unige representatives will be there (GA,DV)

Future Meetings:

E. Cortina, Aug 23, 2000