Geneva Cluster Geneva Cluster

The ATLAS detector at the LHC produces petabytes of data per year. The storage and processing of these data cannot be achieved solely at CERN. To facilitate data analysis on this scale, physicists have pursued novel "grid" computing solutions. The ATLAS data are being analyzed at 70+ computer centers around the World, organized in a hierarchy and playing different roles in the data analysis process. The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) contributes to this global effort.

Final analysis of the data is performed at local computing facilities of different university groups. The ATLAS group in Geneva has been developing it’s analysis cluster progressively since 2005. Since the beginning the cluster has been a part of the global ATLAS computing grid. Our system is upgraded regularly. In addtition to our analysis, the system also plays an important role in the development of the ATLAS High Level Trigger.

In particle physics we now have several years of hands-on experience with grid technologies. This experience is useful to other scientific projects, with whom we are in contact via the SwiNG association.

Last modified: 2013/04/08