Seminare de DPNC ================ Mercredi, 3 mars 1999 17.00 - Auditoire Stuckelberg Universite de Geneve Departement de physique nucleaire et corpusculaire 24, quai Ernest-Ansermet 1211 Geneva 4 Tel. 022 702 6273 Fax 022 781 2192 ****************************************************************************** Sujet: New measurement of the CP violating parameter sin(2*beta) at CDF and future prospects Par: Prof. Franco Bedeschi Resume: A new measurement of sin(2*beta) by the CDF collaboration is presented. This analysis is based on a sample of 400 B0 --> psi K0S events and uses 3 different flavour tagging methods. This result improves the error on sin(2*beta) by more than a factor 2 relative to the previously published CDF measurement. The future physics reach of the CDF experiment on the sides and angles of the unitarity triangle is briefly discussed.