ISS phone meeting

22 June 2006




  1. Working group reports
    1. Segmented calorimeter
    2. water Cherenkov
    3. Liquid Argon
    4. ECC
    5. near detector
  2. study of large magnetized volume (Alan Bross), Paolo Strolin
  3. performance studies by physics working group(Mauro Mezzetto) see below
  4. Agenda of ISS detector workshop at CERN (A. Blondel)





Dear All,

Please comment. If you're happy I'll send the summary to the list.


ISS Physics Group: Performance Discussion:  20Jun06; GMT
Present: E.Couce, A.Donini, E.Fernandez, P.Hernandez, P.Huber, K.Long,

Two goals:
*    Review status of performance analysis for SB, BB, and NF;
*    Discuss issues for Valencia Workshop.

We agreed:
*    To post files required to reproduce ISS analysis on the ISS Physics
Group WWW page at the end of the study.

Some literature referred to in the discussion:
*    K2K paper: hep-ex/0606032 -- gives 2% fiducial-volume systematic
error in K2K. PH agreed to ask M.Sorel to summarise this result at the
Valencia w/s.

*    Super beam: EF:
*    Has begun writing sections on description of super-beams and
definition of assumptions. The following issues were raised requiring
*    What cross sections should be used for performance evaluation and
comparisons of performance?;
*    Agreed to discuss in Valencia with EF making a recommendation based
on discussions with MM and AD. MM agreed to try and run NUANCE to make cross
sections for H2O, Lar, LiqSci, Fe, and Pb.
*    Require to agree how to deal with efficiency and migration matrices;
*    Require to agree how to deal with statistics: Poison vs Gaussian and
consequences for treatment of systematic errors.
*    Discussion raised a number of other issues:
*    Detector specification, e.g. for H2O Cherenkov, what PMT coverage
should be assumed and how does the assumed value affect resolutions and
background performance.
*    An issue for Valencia.

*    Beta beam: EC:
*    Migration matrices for H2O Cherenkov being prepared. When done would
begin to prepare migration matrices for T2K. Systematic studies being
prepared for Valencia.
*    MM requested binning (100 MeV for E_nu below 1 GeV) for matrices. EC
already preparing matrices in 200MeV bins. MM content with this granularity.
Issue for smaller binning not resolution but possible small MC statistics in
the narrow bins.

*    Neutrino Factory: PHuber:
*    PHuber and AD have made good progress in preparation of draft NF
performance summary to serve as a basis for discussion at Valencia. For NF,
systematics are not such a problem because high statistics and low
*    Additional issues raised:
*    At Valencia need to identify, for each type of facility, baseline
and 'optimistic' performance to allow performance evaluation. Each facility
would also require the one to be used in the comparisons to be defined;
*    Also, need to define at Valencia the type of performance comparisons
(plots, numbers) to be used. These would have to cover precision as well as

Overlap of personnel at Valencia:
*    AD: flexible, but can only come for one day;
*    EF, EC, and Phernandez available over the whole w/s;
*    PHuber: Available 03 -- 06Jul
*    KL: Available 04 -- 06Jul
*    MM unavailable.
    *    Agreed: to suggest to Detector Group phone call at 17h00
(CET) on 04Jul and 05Jul for coordination.

Issues for discussion. agreement at Valencia: please comment:
*    Detector performance
*    Fluxes and rates
*    Cross section models
*    Treatment of statistical and systematic errors
*    Background assumptions and treatment
*    How to present comparisons and who will contribute where

Presentations at Valencia:
*    Proposal for how to proceed on cross sections (especially for
comparisons): EF
*    Summary of K2K, especially how 2% error was obtained: M.Sorel -- to
be confirmed.