CERN - 22-24 September 2005



This will be the first of four meetings of the international neutrino factory and superbeam scoping study. The following ones will be in Japan 23-25 January 2006, in RAL 27-29 April 2006 (TBC, associated with a BENE meeting) and in California 21-23 August 2006 just before NUFACT06.


See the block agenda and detailed agendas of the meeting, as well as practical information such as the mandatory registration, computer registration and accommodation.


News: The meeting will be braodcast by VRVS and phone conference.



The International Scoping Study (ISS), madated by the RAL management, is organized jointly by:

-- The ECFA/BENE working groups for future neutrino beams in Europe and the UK Neutrino Factory Collaboration;

-- The Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration in the US;

-- The Japan Neutrino Factory Collaboration.


The ISS was launched at the occasion of the NUFACT05. It will elaborate the physics case, define the baseline options for such a facility and its neutrino detectors and identify the required research and development programme to lay the foundations for a complete design study proposal. Comparisons will be made with other options such as beta beams. The scoping study was presented and endorsed by ECFA.


More information:

Main ISS web page

Scoping study work plan

NUFACT05 presentations

Scoping study announcement

Accelerator working group page

Detector working group page

Physics working group page

Any institute or individual interested in future neutrino physics facilities is encouraged to contribute and is asked to contact any member of the Programme Committee.

Welcome to the study and looking forward to seeing you at CERN !

The Programme committee:

Chair - Peter Dornan -
Physics Working Group - Yori Nagashima -
Accelerator Working Group - Mike Zisman -
Detector Working Group - Alain Blondel -


Block agenda


The programme will be updated and maintained at



Thursday 22 September

Friday 23 September

Saturday 24 September


Possibility of working sub-groups get-togethers.


Physics in Th Auditorium

Accelerator 304-1-001 A&B

detectors 1-1-025

9:00 IT amphitheater

Plenary meeting:

-- welcome (CERN management, Dieter Schlatter)

-- Introduction and logistics (P. Dornan)

-- Physics WG aim and tasks (Y. Nagashima)

-- Accelerator WG aims and tasks (M. Zisman)

-- Detectors WG and tasks (A. Blondel)

-- accelerator and detector sensitive parameters and baseline values (M. Mezzetto)

9:00 IT amphitheater

Plenary meeting:

9:00 Physics (Ken Long)

9:40 Accelerator (Chris Prior)

coffee break

Detectors (Alan Bross)

concluding remarks and next steps

end around 12:30


14:00 parallel group meetings


Physics in Th Auditorium

Accelerator 304-1-001 A&B

Detectors 1-1-025


14:00 parallel group meetings


Physics in IT amphitheatre

Accelerator 304-1-001 A&B

Detectors 1-1-025





20:00 scoping study dinner

meeting point 19:30 in front of the main building

bus departs at 19:45 sharp


Detailed agendas (drafts, will be updated continuously)


Physics working group

Accelerator working group

Detector working group (transparencies linked)

accelerator working group transparencies



Practical information:


Registration: Please register using this form
Accommodations: can be arranged through CERN Housing Service
Computing: You need to register with CERN to be allowed access to the network while you're there. You can start here and follow the links/instructions. If you don't have a CERN computing account, you can use this registration form (you must enter a CERN contact person: someone you know or you can give the name of the HARP secretary, Patricia Perreard,

Broadcast: the meetings that take place in the IT auditorium will be braodcast by VRVS. The virtual room SATURN has been reserved. See to learn how to register and operate VRVS. Although this is easy, if you have not done this before it is recommended to practice ahead of time!

Phone conference: it will be possible to connect to the parallel sessions on thursday afternoon and friday afternoon

by phone:

call + 41 22 767 7000 and connect as the case may be to




the conference calls have been reserved in the name of BLONDEL and could start on thursday and friday at 13:45. (11:45 GMT)