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Currently I am working on :
ATLAS upgrade:
      I am involved, in microelectronics, in the production of a new chip ABCD (Atlas Binary Chip DMILL), baptized ABCN (ATLAS Binary Chip Next).
      This new version will be, in a first step, produced in a 0.25 micron technology, and after, in a 0.13 micron technology, that is to say 130 nanometer which represent the minimum width of the gate of one transistor.
      It will have more improvements including the possibility to transfer data at 80MHz, and aftrer for the 0.13 micron version at 160MHz instead of 40MHz for the DMILL version.
      Here is the final plot of the chip 0.25 micron version and the picture:

Until now I worked on :
      Medipix is an ASIC designed by CERN.
      I designed, in collaboration, some circuits allowing its evaluation. Among them the "chipboard" which allow, with the help of an acquisition board, to do a parrallele readout, therefore at high speed, of all pixels of the integrated device.
      On this picture we can see the ASIC glued and bonded on the "chipboard" :
ATLAS: A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS
( Have a look to the video )
      In this collaboration I was involved in the realization and the construction of a large board named
      ROD (Read Out Drivers)
LArgROD_board3.jpg - 37910 Bytes
      A ROD "Demonstrator Board" was builded, called DPNC196 alias RODDemo
RODboard.jpg - 9939 Bytes
      As part of this collaboration, I was involved, in microelectronics, in the realization of an integrated device ABCD (Atlas Binary Chip Dmill) which allows the reading of a silicon detector and the data reduction and transfert. This device was designed in DMILL rad-hard technology.
ABCD2T.jpg - 36666 Bytes
AMS: An experiment to search in space for dark matter, missing matter & antimatter on the international space station.
      As part of this collaboration, I designed, with the help of CERN and MEAD a 10bits low power ADC, the CRIAD2:
      This document is in portable data format [.pdf].
      You will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.
      Now people is working on the new version which is AMS 02: