Welcome to the webpage of the second edition of the SiPM Advanced Workshop organized by Razmik Mirzoyan together with the DPNC group.

This meeting is part of the regular activities of the Common Camera (CoCA) CTA working group, which works towards the unification of diverse solutions.
The first of these SiPM meetings was held in

The upcoming meeting is for CTA members and some invited external experts and developers of SiPM.

The workshop will last almost 3 days during which we will work on specific topics:

  • confrontation of SiPM performance measurements and used techniques, discuss precisions achieved for the relevant parameters; comparisons between different producer's sensors, comparisons to PMTs;
  • comparison of electronics readout solutions, bias control, and include discussion with developers;
  • Other topics: calibration of the cameras; optical systems associated to SiPMs and camera arrangements, cooling and power dissipation, mechanical arrangements; camera simulation status.

The meeting will include a discussion panel with industrial developers and testers to provide feedback on existing sensors and understand potential improvements and will be concluded by a Summary talk and an Assignment of tasks to solve open problems in the